Why,What and Who is EMAIL SPOT?​

We are very please with your interest to know more about our business integrity, development, and how it truly works. To really help you understand the meaning of EMAIL SPOT we have to create, develop a divide our content into three different sections. Each section is base on four main questions “WHO”, “WHY”, “WHAT” and “WHEN” just to be able to provide you more meaningful answers in every way towards our business.



EMAIL SPOT is a brand name representing news or other multimedia trade base share on existing data flow which can be shared via, newspaper, magazine, social media network or can be obtained in any other legal way from real life or internet. Our business desire is base on data processing and data share via the verified source of each service provider including a platform that is accessible to us from several various public sources. Following solution is created to help our company services, develop better cooperation on the market but mainly maintain news from other service providers. This option will allow us to share and deliver more relevant information on a daily basis.

Main representative person, Tomas Smutny is also C.E.O founder of company name call UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o but also Founder and Developer of several other brand names which include domain names too such as SUPERPOBYT, MIXSTOREONLINE, UNIWEBSITE SOLUTION, GLOBEMINING, EMAIL SPOT, PRACOVNA BB, SMARTTEP BB, CARWASH BB, and many other websites, Facebook pages, and groups to be considered as part of universal development project handle by one individual person.



Our business does not generate or produce its own content but we only reproduce an existing one with the carefully selected existing business. The first idea came out from spreading the word via email marketing and newsletter solution. You still might be asking yourself the following question “WHY EMAIL SPOT?”. The whole creativity idea came out of two words including the first action we have taken to learn new ways including trying to gain benefits out of it too. Now I am going to reveal the answer to why we have chosen the following business name. Understanding the word “EMAIL” will help you to identify the meaning and purpose of this business while “SPOT” is a bit more targeting, specific, and relevant about particular niche share with the public, while we are spreading the news or information about you or your business.

The purpose of this domain name nowadays is very simple compared to our opening time when we first launch this project. Developing new ways and also using existing social media network strategy has significantly helped us and lead us to develop better interaction with the public. Time has proved a few facts that this move was one of the very successful solutions for us to implement ways about how to handle data flow correctly with our readers and followers.



Currently, we have implemented a new easiest way of how we can distribute even more information and control pretty much all data flow via social media network. Our effective work towards sharing and handling data flow is now required even less time than before. This innovation is nothing new but for us is a big win from an efficient point of view.

We see this option as a perfect solution because it brings us a lot more benefits and helps us to grow in the first place. Another excellent plus for us is the fact that you can access these services from almost every device no matter where you are based or located in the world. Idea including motivation was so strong that we could not wait any longer to make it real in our own way.

To get everything done in the right way we have to merge a few modern innovative solutions which include opportunities into one just to be able to grow our business consistently. The priority of these services is also very beneficial because it merges several business providers, owners, and journalists into one big forward-moving marketplace.